Stop wasting time resetting passwords

Organizations spend too much time resetting passwords for their clients and employees. Over 80% of support calls are made to reset passwords, but with Itatem, the user owns their identity. Lost passwords, privacy requests, and similar tasks are given to the individual and do not require a call support center.

We Do Not sell your data

Trust is at the core of our organization, and we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Identity Banks that secure user information. We choose to run a business on securing that information, not profiting from it, which is why you can rest easy knowing your identity isn’t being auctioned off like with other providers.

Zero human accessibility of your information

We at Itatem place trust at the center of our mission, which is why when your identity is stored in the encrypted vault we call the Identity Bank, there is no human accessibility of your information. All profiling is progressive and automated to ensure a best-in-class user experience.