The first line of defense for your network starts with user-name and password. The most common attacks seek to gain access to your data through weak or stolen credentials that have no additional safeguards such as multi-factor authentication. This simple additional step of adding one or more authentication measures, mitigates 99.9% of account compromise attacks.

Whether by credential stuffing, phishing, or password spray, there is a good chance that if hackers want a set of credentials, they can get them, which is what makes MFA so important. At Itatem, we built our system under this assumption that credentials are never safe, and a state-of-the-art MFA was the key to protecting Identities and Networks.

Utilizing continuous adaptive trust, Itatem can authenticate your log in access through a combination of your username and password, geo-location, push notification, biometrics, or security questions – all dependent on the systems trust in that log-in attempt.

Itatem For Business

  • Protect your Workforce, Customers, Network

  • Ensure secure data storage and PII Compliance

  • Integrates with existing IAM solutions

  • Simple low-code registration

  • Empower users to be the owner and administrator of their Identity

  • Automated detection of credential fraud and anomalous activity

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