Identity has evolved

Traditional identity solutions copy your identity and information and store it for their own usage. The result is highly unsecure pools of user data that are targets and often victims of cyber theft. As evidenced in the breaches of LinkedIn, Adobe, My Fitness Pal and Experian, your personal information is highly valuable. It only takes one of the many organizations you store your identity with to be breached. Instead, have peace of mind knowing Itatem automatically nullifies any third party data breaches that compromise your credentials and PII. Itatem even offers you the ability to create aliases for complete protection online and total ownership of your identity.

Are you prepared for changes in privacy standards?

Itatem uses Identity Bank federated storage with adaptive trust that confirms users through their credentials, location, and other MFA techniques. The Itatem Identity Bank encrypts and stores your data and personal information without human interaction or access other than the user. Integration requires less than 50 lines of code and is up to 100 times faster than other identity management providers.

Reduce your cost of compliance instantly

All user data is abstracted and encrypted enabling compliance with HIPAA, BAA, PCI, PIPEDA, POPEDA, GDPR, and CCPA. The cost of compliance with these standards often reaches hundreds of dollars a month per user. Itatem stores data and PII off site in the Identity Bank which offers organizations immediate cost reduction.