Our robots are working hard to keep your information safe

Itatem’s robotic security agents work every day to keep your information secure. We regularly look for compromised credentials all over the Internet.

We recently discovered that one or more of your passwords may have been compromised in the past. We have automatically deleted it from your account. This prevents bad actors from using compromised password lists to break into your account. Which is a very common type of attack.

If you do not have any other passwords on your account, you can use the “Password Recovery” feature on our main Identity Bank website to set a new password for your account.

Your data is well protected

Itatem’s systems make use of many different mechanisms to secure your data. One of these mechanisms is data encryption. Each of your passwords is uniquely encrypted in our systems.

How do we check your passwords?

Our robotic security agents take lists of compromised passwords and encrypt them using your unique encryption. The newly encrypted compromised password is used to check to see if your password matches a compromised password. If our bots find you are using a password that has been compromised in the past and is now used by attackers to brute force attack user accounts, we automatically delete the password from your account.